I have received a number of exciting and humbling endorsements over the course of this campaign, but I am particularly honored to have the support of legendary civil rights and labor leader, Dolores Huerta.
Dolores called me earlier this week to let me know that she is ready to support our campaign to bring change to City Hall. She had this to say:
“My work takes me all around the state and country, but the Mission District is near and dear to my heart. Electing Joshua Arce to the Board of Supervisors will make him the first Supervisor from the Mission in many decades, and he is a voice that San Francisco desperately needs in City Hall.
Joshua is a third generation Mexican-American, descended from farmworkers who worked hard in the fields, and an accomplished civil rights attorney who’s raising a family in the heart of the Mission District. He’s fighting to stop evictions while building affordable housing and promoting union jobs in the community.”
Dolores is no stranger to the power of organizing and getting out the vote. Can you join me this weekend for our final push by signing up to volunteer?
Every vote counts, and your help will really make a difference.