Working for all of us

San Francisco is at a crossroads. A robust economy and low unemployment have deepened income inequality and increased housing scarcity. Long-time residents feel anxious about displacement and the impact of these changes, while newer residents feel frustrated by scapegoating and dysfunctional politics. Years of neglect and inattention have made many in our community feel disconnected with City Hall. Our district is one of the most historic and influential areas of San Francisco, and we need leadership that represents our shared values and works for all of us.

Joshua has what it takes to provide effective leadership for all members of the District 9 community. An accomplished civil rights attorney, labor representative, affordable housing advocate, and environmentalist, Joshua’s accomplishments highlight his ability to bring government, labor, business and neighborhood groups together to solve problems and deliver positive change. Joshua is accustomed to fighting on behalf of our community, he has led tough negotiations on behalf of families, tenants, workers and immigrants.

Joshua is ready to take action on behalf of our community. He believes in the power of building community alliances without resorting to the practices of demonizing and disparaging others.   These are the strategies that Joshua has relied on and he delivers results — sometimes against impossible odds — by fostering mutual respect and building stronger relationships to improve the quality of life for all his constituents.

Joshua is a proven progressive who can deliver real solutions to the challenges facing our city!