Affordable Housing & Protecting Tenants

The lack of affordable housing options, rise in evictions, and increase in the cost of living require that we have a leader who will take decisive action to solve our housing issues.

As a board member of one of the city’s oldest and largest affordable housing non-profits, Joshua is the only candidate with the hands on experience of building affordable housing.

Josh will build upon this work to alleviate our housing crisis by:

  • Building more housing for everyone in our city—low-income, worker, artist, teacher and middle-income housing
  • Quickly identifying underutilized spaces that could serve as sites for affordable housing
  • Pushing our state delegation to reform the Ellis Act and Costa Hawkins to protect tenants from no-fault evictions
  • Supporting policies that encourage the creation of new community land trusts
  • Introducing legislation to give tenants the “right of first refusal” that would allow tenants to make a first offer when their building is put up for sale
  • Protecting tenants from being put on “tenant blacklists” due to aggressive and unwarranted unlawful detainers lawsuits

Joshua has the experience to deliver the housing solutions our community needs!