Civil Rights & Social Justice

Joshua has spent his entire career fighting for social justice and the rights of others. As your Supervisor, he will continue to protect our civil rights by:

  • Continuing to stand up for marriage equality and protecting the rights of our LGBTQ community
  • Increasing protections for the transgender and gender nonconforming communities so they no longer have to live in fear
  • Creating housing opportunities for our LGBTQ seniors
  • Protecting San Francisco’s Sanctuary City policy to ensure our City remains a place where our undocumented residents can live peacefully
  • Standing up for a woman’s right to reproductive freedom and protecting the two Planned Parenthood clinics located in District 9
  • Setting an example buy implementing a workplace domestic violence policy for public employees in the City and County to stand with victims of domestic violence
  • Eliminating gender-based price discrimination to make sure women are not paying more for goods and services than their male counterparts

Joshua will stand up for everyone and ensure the most vulnerable among us are protected.