addison2Ever since I picked up my first guitar, music became a lifelong passion of mine.  And one of my favorite things about living in our neighborhood is the eclectic culture and the vibrant arts community.

Walk down any street in the Mission and you will be immersed in a dazzling scene of outdoor murals, galleries, cafes, boutiques, and local artists.  It is such a privilege to be able to raise my two young boys in the midst of this rich diversity and creative energy.

However, our community is under threat of displacement caused by housing shortages and decades of misguided policies from City Hall.  This is why I fought so hard to protect the artists’ spaces at 2000 Bryant Street, to make sure another generation of performers, designers and musicians have the space to express their artistic vision and continue the important traditions in our community.

Protecting our artists and making sure they have what they need to continue to thrive will be a top priority of mine as Supervisor. If you’re as passionate about the arts as I am, we’d love for you join us to help share our vision with local voters!