I am honored to have earned the endorsement of the San Francisco Firefighters Local 798, particularly since both of my uncles were firefighters. Our work together has already begun, but there is so much more we need to do.

Since 2015, nearly two hundred of our friends and neighbors have been driven from their homes by a series of tragic fires that swept through the Mission. Yet, despite these devastating losses, we continue to see inaction from City Hall.

Six months ago, we called upon City Hall to pass a common sense ordinance requiring modern sprinkler systems be installed in affected buildings. However, the report by the task force convened by our current District 9 representatives rejected this basic safety measure, even for the most vulnerable buildings in the Mission.

This is completely unacceptable. Our community burns, and still City Hall refuses to act. Please click here to send a message to City Hall that the status quo has failed and the time for action is now.

Thank you for your support,


P.S. If you would like to help to the victims of the recent Mission fires rebuild their lives, please click here.