We celebrate Pride, yet we also mourn. We mourn 49 beautiful souls who lost their lives to hatred. We mourn the countless LGBTQ people around the world who are victims of violence on a daily basis. To stand in your queerness is an act of resistance.

Josh is my brother-in-law and we were together with our family when the tragic events of Orlando unfolded. We watched and listened to the news unfold in the same Mission District apartment where we lived together for 7 years with our partners, and where he stood by me with 100% acceptance, love, and support during my own transition. The loss of those lives, mostly people of color, hit way too close to home. As a trans person of color, I am grateful to have been surrounded by my family on June 12, knowing that I have their unequivocal support. Now and always.

Brothers and sisters and everyone in-between, our battle continues. This weekend, while we mourn, we must also celebrate. We must celebrate one another and everything that makes us and our city beautiful, unique, and special.

We must also continue to champion those folks who are committed to ensuring that all of us can live lives free of violence, intimidation, harassment, and fear. Leaders like my brother, Josh Arce, who believe in the power, value, and worth of all of us.


Alann Weissman-Ward